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Believe that digital business transformation

Starts with people and is for people, and their safety, especially during hard times is very important for us.
COVID19 might have disrupted work and life as we know it, but that can be overcome by adopting the digital transformation strategies and solutions our company is proud to offer. Not only because we are geeks, but because we profoundly care about our fellow humans and our social responsibility as a tech company to make life easier and safer.


Our customer journey to Digital Transformation


During our initial meeting, we’ll understand in some detail how your organisation operates and apply that knowledge to propose a solution to accommodates future business aspirations and resolve the main pain points.


Prior to launch, we’ll host internal training sessions for your key user group to ensure maximum adoption, based on feedback minor tweaks may then be made and we will implement all necessary integrations within the solution.


We will produce a functional specification document alongside a project plan and technical specification that clearly defines the solution’s deliverables. Working in close collaboration with your internal project team from the start, we’ll then build your tailored solution.


Once live, your fully customised platform will digitally transform your business streamlining the relationship with Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Finance and Operations.

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Our partners

Technophiles works with diverse organizations throughout the world to address the complex challenges of interoperability in IT solutions. Collaborating with these partners allows us to, most importantly, bring comprehensive solutions to our customers, and also to achieve interoperability among different types of IT vendors. By doing so, we support efforts to improve our solutions and deliver technologies at lower costs.


Azure (AI, IoT, Blockchain....),
Dynamics 365,
Office 365


ERP and Digital Core, CRM, Analytics, Digital Supply Chain, Network and Spend Management, Development Platform


IT Infrastructure, Networking, Security solutions, Data center


IT infrastructure, Security, Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence, Blockchain, IT management


Enterprise Networking, Enterprise Wireless, Intelligent Video & Data Analytics, ICT Management System